98’ 320CLK Air con compressor (W208??)

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May 3, 2010
Swindon, Wilts
CLK 320 / Jag XKR
It’s leaking oily green fluid so I guess it’s a replacement. Can it wait until next summer or do I have to attend to it now?
Best to get it checked now to make sure exactly what needs replacing,if you choose to leave it until summer(could be an expensive repair depending on what needs doing)then turn the a/c switch off,good luck!
Thanks Steve, I guess when the aircon is off (eco on) it just spins freely?

I thought I had a slight oil leak until i noticed the oil was the same coulour as the dye in the aircon system.

why do I have a feeling its going to cost a few quid to sort!

If the refrigerant has drained from the a/c system(by the sound of it yours has)theres no point keeping the a/c activated,i had simular problem in my previous mb(w208 clk320 cab)ended up having a new condensor,recirculation pump & regas plus fault codes cleared,cost best part of £600:eek:hope your not as unlucky:thumb:
If the oil has drained out of it , the air con system will not engage the electronic clutch , this is to prevent damage to the compressor / system.

The Ec light will stay on indicating that the system is keeping it disabled ... no need for you to switch it off yourself.

I've got this on mine at the moment , a very common problem with CLK's is that the condensers rot through. ( which is what is wrong with mine )

Incidentally, when you do get it fixed , never turn the air con off ( a lot of people turn it off for the winter , and find when summer comes that all the seals have hardened where no gas , which is also the lubricant has flowed round the system and the gas has leaked out and they have to have new seals ) ... if you run it during the winter as well , it actually dries the air taken in and will make your windscreen demist a lot quicker
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When I bought it earlier this year the aircon did not work. Turned out the connector to the compressor had rotted through.

Reconnected it with some new wire and voila it worked perfectly. The clutch engages and the light is out (I leave it on all the time) but I have noticed a few spots of oil recently and on further investigation I noticed the oil was bright green (the aircon has dye in the system) and after having a look the bottom of the condenser is wet and green as well!

Thanks for all putting my mind at rest - it’s a job to look at in the new year and I will just turn it off until then to prevent any damage.

Speaking to a local indy , fitting a new condenser is a two hour job , plus a re gas.

So i guess you'll be looking at a few hundred quid . :(

Don't turn it off !!!!

If the oil gets to a critical level , the system will turn itself off ! If you turn it off now for two months , you risk drying the rest of the seals in the system out and kill them too then it will be fiddley and expensive to do all them too !
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I have the same issue on the C43. A new one is going to be fitted asap. I suggest you do the same as a unsealed ac system is open to moisture ingress which is not ideal.

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