98 mercedes e240 estate auto


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Dec 3, 2007
I have the above for sale..
We brought it in 2001 with a mere 39,000 miles on it.
We have used it every day since and the only thing that went wrong with it in7 years was the gearbox until today. A true Mercedes!!

The engine has started smoking.. The Engine is throwing out the oil which is then burning and producing smoke.

I topped up the oil and it did the same. I have not shown a mechanic as I simply dont have the time.

It is on 240,000 miles and the autobox was replaced at 120,000 miles.

Before the engine decided to throw out smoke, the car drove spot on, didnt miss a beat.. It has been used to travel up and down the m4.

It has a cream interior and a sony tape player.
Air con needs gassing.
Exterior condition is 5/10
No Dents but a few scrapes here and there.

It was serviced by our own mechanic. Every service, orignal Mercedes Benz parts were used.
Oil Services were carried out every 8500 miles.

The car starts and drives but i cannot say how far it will drive. We have only driven it approx 25 miles since the engine started playing up.

It might be a cheap fix? i dont have the time to get it looked at. MOT till next May or June. Tax just expired.

Offers are invited. Pictures can be sent on request

Thanks for looking
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