99 E300 OM606 fuel loss issue

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Oct 19, 2023
1999 E300TD
Hey everyone, I have a weird issue that I cannot find the cause of. I bought a '99 E300 with the turbocharged OM606.962 several months ago and noticed rapid fuel loss. My problem is that diesel is escaping the tank, going up into the filler neck, passing the filler cap, going into the overflow, and spilling onto the ground when driving. This happens above 1/2 of a tank. I have replaced the filler neck cap several times and constantly checked the trunk floormats to see if there's a gasket or seal that's failed. The trunk liner is clean, dry, and free from the smell of diesel. I have been looking for another post describing this situation for months but have yet to find one and am at my wits end on what could be causing this problem. Have any of you heard of a problem like this? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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