A & B class CVT box noise


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Feb 9, 2005
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Hi All,

I have had a noise from the drive train on my 10month old B class since I purchased it second hand from retail used cars with 9k on the clock i have since done another 6k ontop. I reported a noise to them and to the MBUK survey team that shortly after I started driving it ,that only appears when turning right at around 20-30mph. Moving the steering when stationary there is no noise. and turning left also no noise

today the car had its first service and I asked them to check the noise under warranty. Firstly they asked for me to authorize a £75 fee for looking into the problem, along with a couple of others I reported, This was a first for me after three cars mercs, all having issues dealt with under warranty in the past without having this fee mentioned.

As I suspected they said the noise was a known problem (TIPS notice) in the cvt auto box, but as it didn't impact on function or service life I had to pay the fee. However if I wanted to they could strip the geabox and look a the torque convertor and/or a valve internally and check these parts. If however they where found to be OK. I would have to pay for all the work.

Firstly has anyone else had this fee imposed on them for warranty check work to be done, secondly does anyone have access to the TIPS database on merc website to check this out and throdly do I have any come back on retail used cars to fix this under their warranty, and finally has anyone else had this noise and had it fixed under warranty. It may also apply to A classes too.


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Mar 12, 2005
Cheshire, UK
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My car has always been covered by ServicePlus and it hasn't need to visit the dealership since it ended, so I've never been asked to pay a diagnostic fee. Mind you, everything I;ve ever mentioned, they just say "they all do that, sir".

I gather Ford dealers pretty ruthlessly make this charge, but I've never been asked for anything on any of the several makes of car we run.


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Jun 22, 2003
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Personally speaking I can't quite see why the fault should only manifest itself when turning in one direction only. That would more likely indicate a fault in one of the gearbox output shafts / drive shaft U/J 's or Hub bearing?:confused: I would suggest you take it to another MB dealer [ not part of the same group] for a second opinion where you may be dealt with more sympathetically?
At the very least say to them that before you commit to the further considerable expense involved in a transmission strip down you would like to see the full details of of the TPS in question. They should be completely open about this and happy to put your mind at ease - if not walk away to another dealer.
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