A Class costing £85,000?

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Sep 11, 2016
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I was sitting in a waiting room this morning, and the TV was showing Good Morning Britain. During the ad breaks, there was an advert for a sweepstake to win a Mercedes A Class worth £85,000. That seemed a bit high, so I've checked through the price lists, and the most expensive model I can find is the AMG A45 S 4Matic + Plus Hatchback (I double checked that!), which has retail of £63,285. I know you can spend a fortune on accessories, but surely not that much? And when did the A Class start costing over £60k?
Someone got their pricing wrong, as you've said an A45 S which is the most expensive in the range is upwards of 55K depending on the spec. Did the prize not include other items which brings the total prize pot to £85,000?
The prize is £85k in cash PLUS an A Class.....these old people who don't use their glasses...eh!
Sorry, you're right. I was going to post a correction as I was back in the same waiting area today, and watched a bit more closely. Well, you have to do something when you're sitting around drinking water waiting for radiotherapy.

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