A Class owners. W176 water intake.


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Sep 4, 2016
A200 CDI AMG sport
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If you own a A class w176 then please read on as it may be of benefit to you, I have owned my A class since last July, it's a 14 plate C200 cdi AMG sport with a little over 20k on the clock and coming over from Audi I have to say my Mercedes experience has not been a pleasant one. Since owning the vehicle I have suffered poor radio reception, very poor fuel economy, a heater motor that sounded like I had a jump jet in the boot and the Becker map pilot unit has failed. Now the car is still under warranty so was booked into a local stealer for said problems to be sorted out. My dealer experience was ****e to say the least, they tell me the nav unit only has a two year warranty once the vehicle changes hands from the original owner, the fuel is normal, and the heater motor again was ok and also the radio checked out ok on all tests. I have since removed the heater motor to find what I can only describe as a trim clip to have found its way inside, since removed all is fine.
The only positive to come out of the experience was they told me that the car is full of water, aparantly there are two vacuume flaps behind the rear bumper that open to disperse the air from the inside of the car when you shut the doors so no vacuume is caused, these flaps obviously don't seal properly and water comes over the rear bumper and runs into the inside of the vehicle filling it up from the rear to the front, this particular dealer told me mine will be the 20th they have repaired. Mine goes in next week and will be away for around 10 days as the whole interior has to be removed and the carpets dried out, wiring checked and modified flaps fitted, so if you own a A class on the w176 platform it may be worth a trip to your dealer to see if it has had this repair done as by the time it soaked through all the sound proofing and shows on the carpet the damage has been done.
Needles to say when mine is back it will be going up for sale and I'm going back to Audi.

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