A class w169 ipod input

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Hi all

On our a class , we have a jack plug in the glovebox. However when I put the iPod lead ( 3.5mm jack each end ) into it , the head unit doesn't seem to find the iPod ?

Any ideas ?

I assume if you have the glovebox jack , then the cars head unit will accept an aux input ? Or does every car have them but only some are connected ?

Any help appreciated as my wife is moaning
I would imagine that the stereo has an aux button or similar on the front, I'd start by pressing that.
Tried that

Says that no audio source found
Ok , found it.

Next problem , it is very quiet , even with the iPod on full volume.

Nothing is easy is it.

Anyone got any ideas ?
No one ? :confused: :dk:

Is it because it's not a post about bolting on new bits to an AMG ?
Do you have any other audio source you can connect to it, such as an MP3 player or even a mobile phone?? Have you tried another cable in case the one you have is faulty? and you ar e using a stereo cable and not mono.? I just tried my old Nokia into the aux socket and the volume is good. I use my aux socket to permanently feed my DAB radio into, and never have any problem with volume level. Regards.
What age A class ? If its a MY2009 onward there may be a software update for Audio-20/COMAND that provides an AUX boost, otherwise you can (a) turn up the volume on the iPod and (b) there may be some settings in iTunes that help
Hi Richard

Thanks for your reply , It's a 58 plate , facelift.

I've tried all the settings in iTunes and turning the iPod up. :(

I'm thinking a little headphone amp will sort this , like the one below.

Brainwavz AP001 Portable Headphone Amplifier: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

It has audio sensing on and off so no need to be in the glovebox all the time flicking switches. Usb charger into the 12v socket and it can stay plugged in.

Any thoughts ? Gotta be worth a try for £20.
Cheers John :)
On an [almost] unrelated note - I see Tony sold your A190 :thumb:

He's a very nice chap, isn't he?

I wanted him to shift my old A160, but as it had over 107k on the clock he wasn't offering much ... I ended up selling it on eBay, in less than a week, and for the full asking price too ... :bannana:
Yes , Tony's a super chap. Des ( Forrerra ) put me in touch with him.

Glad the little purple A class has gone to a good home. We'd have kept her , but a 58 plate facelift w169 with 31k was offered to me at such a good price it would have been ridiculous to say no !

I couldn't be bothered with eBay , with the 'what is best pricers' and the tyre kickers. Plus I haven't got a lot of time at the moment , my father has been ill so I've been flat out there looking after him , running his business as well as carrying on my own ! All on the up now though. :)

Hi Howard
That device looks quite good. I cant remember whether the firmware update (if there is one!) for Audio-20 adds the volume boost function, so that little device looks quite good
I’ve used my Samsung phone headphone output in the past to play MP3 into the AUX on our 2006 A-Class without any volume issues that I can remember – we have the COMAND unit fitted.

Unfortunately the headphone jack on my phone is busted otherwise I’d check it out for you!
Well , the little box arrived ... And is now on it's way back again :(

It did provide an increase in volume , but only a bit. Reading the reviews , it appears they are a bit sneaky in that the '120% increase in output' actually includes the original 100% lol , so just a 20% increase which is what I guess it sounded like.

So ... I've ordered one of these , it is actually designed for the problem I have and offers a 400% increase which should do the trick.

12 Volt Boostaroo Revolution® Audio Amplifier & Sound Enhancer for Car and Motorcycle Audio

I'll report back , but it may be a while as it has to come from the states.
I just had a quick Google and it seems a lot of people are having the same trouble. Looks like it’s probably due to the difference between headphone level and line level…I think that the iPod output is really only designed to drive ear bud type devices so the output is probably quite low.

This could well be a health and safety type issue (as I remember from my Uni studies) ear buds distort at much higher volume levels than stereo speakers so it’s possible to do damage to your hearing without realising it, so maybe Apple limit the output level.

What about something like this Sendstation – it seems to get good Amazon reviews.
I wonder if a 32pin plug to 3.5mm jack exists and might work ?

That would be line level surely ?
I used a cheap bluetooth 3.5mm device.
Cheap as chips on ebay and provides plenty of boost.
You need to find some power a d turn it on when you get in the car, but it turns off after a couple of minutes of losing connection.
I don’t know much about Apple products as I don’t really like Apple stuff, but something like this might work I suppose:


might worth a punt before shelling out on some expensive dock type arrangement.

Ted's Bluetooth suggestion might be worth a look too but I think you said it was ad iPod and not iPhone…I’ve considered that route myself but opted wait and go for full Bluetooth integration someday (if I can bring myself to spend that much money!)
I used a cheap bluetooth 3.5mm device.
Cheap as chips on ebay and provides plenty of boost.
You need to find some power a d turn it on when you get in the car, but it turns off after a couple of minutes of losing connection.

It's an iPod , quite an old one. It doesn't have Bluetooth .

Do newer ones have Bluetooth , because that isn't a bad idea !

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