A class werid crackly noises

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Aug 12, 2014
A class 160
My MB A class is a 160 model and is 14 years old. ( v plate )

Since yesterday it has been fine.

Made a journey arrived home, and heard a werid crackly, ticking sound when pulling up on drive way.

Thought nothing off it.

Went to get in car a few hours later, and when I turned the car on....it made the same noise but it was quite loud and noticeable.

Started pulling out and drove a few inches down the road..

And it was making the clicky, ticking sound as I was driving,

Them suddenly made a large ticky sound and then the car stopped just like it had stalled ....but it's an automatic car.

Since the. Everythime I turn the key to turn it on...it makes the ticky sound and doesn't start anymore.

Had a mobile mechanic come round and he said that it's the chain near the engine has got stuck and it's gonna cost me a lot to do it???

Any idea what it could be, as a lot of people have said that the mechanic doesn't sound right.
Timing chain has snapped or stretched possibly which would mean a new engine if it's mashed valves, when you turn the engine over does it sound like it is turning over faster than usual?
DON'T try to start the engine. It needs to be recovered to a competent garage for assessment. It does sound like a timing chain issue. Seized tensioners are not uncommon. Sometimes a new chain, sprockets and guides will cure it but sometimes the damage is beyond economic repair (head off, new valves and guides etc)
I think its beyond the don't start the engine time now, she has said already she has been trying to start it and it died whist driving. If it turns over fast then compression is gone, which I would expect she would have noticed whist trying to start it :)

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