A ding

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Apr 24, 2013
North of Aberdeen
211 320cdi Elegance estate, Soon to be sold RR Vouge, Defender, Triumph Daytona and Thunderbird
Just had my previously immaculate 211 estate MOTed in Hampshire before traillering said car up north before UK registration.

When the car came out of MOT station it had a ding in the passenger front door immediately in front of the door handle. :doh:The garage of course denied that they were responsible.

I'm a little reluctant to have the paintwork mucked around with and wondered if there was an aftermarket door handle cover that might conceal it as the paintwork is not broken.

Your thoughts gratefully received!
Some of the specialist dent repair people may be able to sort it by pushing it out from behind depending on the nature of the defect.
I'ts a small sharp ding as if a pointed rod had been tapped against the panel, so I don't think it would push out unfortunately.

Funnily enough we have an 02 E46 BMW and an 03 RR vouge that we have owned for 11 and 6 years respectively without a blemish ( except for a few stone chips ), and yet when I have a new to me Merc it gets damaged within 1 day.
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