A friend's 2001 Civic Type R

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    Jul 20, 2004
    The owner, a non smoker, has had this car since 2003 when it had covered 21K miles. She knows nothing about cars so whenever it needed anything it was straight into Maidenhead Honda. It has a 100% Honda dealer SH only, never been anywhere else.

    Vast majority of the miles are from a 5 day a week 90 mile round trip commute up & down the M40 to Oxford, lately for roughly the same distance commute to Stevenage.

    The owner is a near retirement aged senior bod in the field of education. It's never been chaved, ragged, raced, modified or abused.

    Reason for sale is she's bought the blue BMW 320d retractable roof thingy you can see in one of the photos, which cuts her fuel expenditure more than in half.

    HONDA CIVIC Type R 2001 | eBay

    If you want to see it (in Maidenhead) or speak to her please PM me & I'll pass your contact details on.
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