A great big 'thank you' for the technical help I've received from this forum

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Jul 29, 2013
Northwest England
1999 SLK Kompressor and a Honda CRV (the latter gone but not forgotten)
I thought this message was more appropriate here than in the Technical Section, if not, please move it.

My little green car is a plaything that I only use for part of the year, so I know that if she starts getting expensive I will have to give her up. So when, at the end of the last summer outing she had her ABS light on, her BAS/ASR light on and the roof wouldn't come down, I was seriously worried. This all happened just before she was due to be put in her warm winter home, so I left it until this month to get it sorted along with the MOT and a few other minor issues.

In the meantime I googled and read on this site. I was thrilled when I discovered (and confirmed through the handbook) that if the ABS sensor is kn*ckered, the BAS/ASR light will also light and... even more wonderful... I discovered from this site the connection between the ABS fault and the fact the roof would not retract! I was able to tell the chap who has been looking after my cars for years the order in which I would like the faults investigated and the reason for the connectivity of the faults (the roof will not go down because it does not know how fast the wheels are rotating). Well the bolts were seized on the ABS sensor, but once that was sorted and the sensor replaced, everything else sorted itself and the roof now goes down!!!! I am so happy!

I'd like to share another little 'fix' that I've discovered. The little green car's lights warning light kept going on and staying on and this could only mean a brake light problem. We changed bulbs a couple of times, then realised her age and getting warm over the years had caused a lack of contact. So, the brake light switch has been replaced (£13.10) and now all is fine.

So, thanks everyone for helping a lady in late middle age stop panicking and keep her little plaything on the road! The five year old girls of Southport thank you every time they squeal and point as they see my little dog and me cruising down Lord Street in our matching scarves.

X Lisa
What a lovely story Lisa :) Just goes to show how clubs and forums can help owners through the sharing of information.

Glad to hear you got it sorted and you and the little ladies of Southport can enjoy it again :thumb:
Thank you MarkII, indeed it does. The item that solved the ABS and BAS and roof problem cost £55.50 - I was dreading a huge vario-roof bill! The whole thing cost £550 Including VAT, but there were tyres, an MOT and considerable labour to free the seized bolts I understand, and the light switch replacement. Old car, seventeen years old. But in Designo Electric Green it does turn heads with many ladies and most children!
as they see my little dog and me cruising down Lord Street in our matching scarves.

Lisa, you can't say that without photos! :D

Forums are incredibly powerful, and this is easily the best I've been part of. So many people benefit, but so few post to say thank you. Good on you.

I'll keep an eye out for you next time we go to Fylde Fish Bar!
Excellent post Lisa and uplifting to hear your good news so thanks for posting.

A shining example which some of the "well poisoners" who exist here would do well to read and follow.
Old car, seventeen years old!

Not at all Lisa, quite modern I'd say - the only problem being that over the past 20 to 30 years car systems have become ever more interconnected, such that the failure of one small component results in a variety of systems not working, as in this case.

Wonderful technology when it works but more complex to diagnose the root cause when it doesn't.

Despite the overall size of the bill, it could have been a lot worse, so thank goodness information from the forum offered some insight into the cause.
Bobbydazzler, I shall certainly attach photos over the weekend (they are on my ipad and I'm currently at work). You won't miss us BD, according to Daimler Benz she's the only one in this colour in the UK now!

And Mark, yes indeed, for all the work I had done, I consider the bill very reasonable.

Had the top down on the way to work today, I very nearly carried on up the A59 to the Trough of Bowland. Didn't though, short day today. We'll have a little cruise
Great to hear you got the car problems sorted at realistic cost. Really unusual colour you have there and it seems to have been resurrected recently by MB. This is probably the best forum for technical knowledge I have ever come across. There are also incredibly intelligent experienced forum members who give advice on general problems as well - such a shame the "discussions " get personal sometimes - but I guess we all get carried away from time to time. Would be good to hear your perspective on stuff sometime if you are inclined!
Cool - I'd never have made that connection, roof to abs sensor, but it makes total sense.

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