A light hearted post for the older members amongst us Part 2

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Dave Richardson

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Oct 14, 2007
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So the oldies rule on this site then, over 600 views.

So then who can recall these accessories that we bought in our youth :doh:.:wallbash:

(1) A Clip on parking light. Manufactured by I think by Rayot it was clipped on to the top of the drivers wind up window & had a red lens to the rear & white lens to the front, had a single bulb and cable trailed down to a fag lighter or crocodile clips on the battery:crazy:

(2) Windscreen washer kit. In the early seventies when screen washers became a requirement, we bought these kits which consisted of a polythene bag, a length of plastic pipe various elbows & tee pieces, two jets for DIY positioning on the bonnet & a pushy pump thing for the dash

(3) Bolt on Lucas fog light. Again in the seventies when they became a requirement these bought for self fitting under the back bumper and the kit included cable, scotchlok connector & switch for the dash board.

(4) 8 Track cassette players.

(5) Green sun visor stripes with names on very (Ken & Barbie) :cool::cool:

(6) Four way flasher kits (hazard lights)

(7) Plastic fingers that stuck out from under the boot lid

What else can you recall :dk:
Stick-on bullet holes.
Anti-static rubber trailing strips.
Stick-on keyholes to suggest an alarm was fitted.
Go-faster stripes.
Furry dice.
I think it was Raydyot
Coloured lacquer to paint on your bumpers to stop them going rusty
'Goggle' eyes
The plastic black girl that hung from your mirror and winked at you.
Stickers that said stupid things like "see you later overtaker, in a casket crazy basket'
Windscreen 'peaks'
Bumper sticker that said...

"Three Mile Island Is Better Built Than Jane Fonda."

Black & white, go faster chequered tape.
Stick on coach lines.
Plastic rocker cover, cover to make your 1.3 Escort look like a twin cam.
Peco big bore exhaust.
String back driving gloves.

Happily resisted all. :D
Years ago, I had "vacant - apply within" on the passenger side of the visor

I had to have 2 visors, one below the other, to fit the lettering……

And no, it didn't work!
Bullet hole transfers on the windows...
Stick-on heater elements for the rear screen ... fitted one of those to my Viva.
Nodding donkeys always made me smile and sheepskin seat covers with wooden beads.
CB ariel (yes guilty folks) that was massive. It was attached to the boot of my mini and clipped the the roof gutter by the drivers window. Whatever happened to roof gutters. Oh and roof racks that fixed onto said roof gutters.
I did have sticker on an old car (can't remember which one) that said " Mafia Staff Car.. You Toucha Mya Cara I breaka youra face"

I had it parked up near Harrods, middle 1970s & was met by a middle aged Italian American Matron type who berated me for disrespecting & laughing at Italian Americans. A surreal moment, was she connected ?
4 huge Lucas spotlights on the front of my 850 Mini , Monte Carlo Rally style.
An equally large spotlight on the boot lid as a reversing lamp and also to blind anyone who came too close
Rear window wiper operated by a handle and cables fixed to the drivers door frame
Seat brackets so that the drivers seat touched the backseat - fantastic leg room if you could still reach the pedals.
Cranked extension to the gear lever so that you could still change gear whilst sitting so far back.
Bracket to lower the steering column so that the 6 inch diameter steering wheel nestled nicely in the crutch.
Spacers for the reverse rim wide wheels that wore the bearings out in no time.
Totally cool was I at 18!

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