A little help needed with Windows Live Mail

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Dave Richardson

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Oct 14, 2007
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Could someone help please ?

I've been using Windows 10 & Windows Live Mail (just the E mail) for some while now without problem however, recently each morning when switching on the PC. There is an error message 0x800CCC90;

I've googled it & tried many ways to sort it but nothing has worked so far

I've removed the program & re installed no joy.

I have found that if I go to remove the program but tick the repair option then Windows Live works for the day, but then next day same problem.:doh::doh::doh:

Any idea's would be most welcome.

Thank you Dec,

No it didn't work, I;ve found that if I try to uninstall that if I choose to repair the windows mail it'll work for a day & then the following day the message 0x800CCC90 appears again, &the whole process starts again.

Anyone ?????????????
If all else fails, personally I wouldn't waste any more time on it.

Download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft, create yourself a DVD from the ISO, copy all the Desktop/Documents/Pictures/Videos to a USB flash drive or USB hard drive (you should have a backup of data anyway) and then re-install Windows 10 from scratch (wipe and clean install).

I've seen plenty of stupid issues on machines upgraded to 10 but none on those installed after a clean install.

Whilst I don't believe 10 freshly installed will have no issues, I am certain you will have less problems with it after and it just goes to confirm my suspicions that an upgrade is still not as good as a fresh install, despite being 25 years on from Windows 95, when upgrading from DOS and Windows to it was also rubbish!

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