A little modding

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Oct 17, 2010
Hi all

I know that modding a mercedes can be controversial,
There are the purest where original look will only do.

Any way I like the odd mod here and there, am not talking wide arch body kits
Am talking little things like fog upgrades odd little boot spoiler subtle bits and bobs viper stripes 0nly joking about the stripes.

Ok what am getting at is when I had my Beemer there were shops selling stuff every where, bumpers lights everything but I can seem to find any for merc, is there any? If so can anyone tell me so I can browse a least

for an idea of whats around, try CKS website, but they are expensive, then try somewhere else for a price.

Which model are you thinking of tweaking?

Have got an w211 e55

Cks is one of few that does parts & a few on e bay , rear diffusers & exhausts & cks won't budge on prices

E bay item number : 270607131461
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forget CKS unless you have deep pockets, ebay for a e63 type spoiler, led sidelights and eurotek for diffusers...

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