A little something for the weekend

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Great work buddy, your a braver man than I, even under the shelter that's Brass Monkeys 🥶.

I've not tried warm water through a DI before, wasn't sure if it would work correctly.
How ever, now I have a direct Hot water supply I can run it thorugh both the Di and Jet wash.

Looking forward to seeing the next updates

Thanks fella i'm sure a saw a few brass monkeys crying that morning it was so cold!

With the water I'm quite lucky at work because our di system passes through a dedicated heater and UV sterilizer as well canisters and other filters so i'm really quite spoilt (spoiled for any Americans) with the quality of water available to me. Ashamedly i know more about water than i would care to admit as i worked in various aquariums growing up specializing in marine systems then moved on forklift engineering where DI water for traction batteries was used, then thinking i got away from the boring topic of water i now work for a manufacturing company where water our systems are scrutinized and regularly tested.

In the summer i don't use the heat but this time of year it's a luxury that i'm thankful for every time i put my hand in the water. :)
I admire your perseverance and commitment to keeping your car clean.

I no longer have to commute, but when I did (see post above from 2018😄 ) at this time of year my cleaning regime tended to be to no more than washing the lights & number plates, and making sure I could see out of the windows - not just because it's too darn cold to be splashing water about, but also because after my next commute journey it would like at least 25% as bad as did before I washed it.

Thanks i do like a clean car :)

To be honest when i lived on a farm and was travelling country lanes I'd just blast the car to get the mud off, hit it with some solution through the pressure washer and then hit it again with water which was enough in between maintenance washes.
the more often you clean, the quicker the surfaces (paint, leather and plastic) will wear out 😂

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