A quick one for Orange phone customers

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Apr 23, 2003
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check your mesaages from Orange as they are planning to make some drastic changes to call charges which effectively give you a chance to opt out of your contract with no penalties.

From the first of September, out of bundle calls are going up from a connection charge of 5p to 14.9p - the first minute will cost you triple which is a bit excessive.

So, read the small print of your contract in particular this bit....

4.3 You may also terminate your Contract if we vary its terms, resulting in an excessive increase in the Charges or changes that alter your rights under this Contract to your detriment.

Give Orange a ring on 150, option 1 then option 3 to speak to a customer services operator.

Tell them you are not happy with this rise and that you feel it breaches the contract you took out and you are considering leaving Orange.

They will then offer you various incentives to stay with them, anything from a tenner a month off your bill, free upgrade, more calls etc.

I called this morning and got my data package on my phone upped from 500mb to 1GB and the price for this reduced to zero and the data on my dongle doubled to 6GB with no additional charge and the 'trial' period (originally a free three months useage) extended to 6 months before I start paying the line rental on it (18 month contract :))

They said that they couldn't offer me any incentive on the call bundle as I was already getting unlimited landline calls and 300 minutes to mobiles and it was highly unlikely (based on my current useage) that I would exceed those limits and therefore be liable to the new charges.

The girl just said 'take the data package and free months as a bit of a goodwill gesture - if you don't ask you don't get'

Result :)

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