A rather nice old Merc at Ashford Mercedes

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Aug 30, 2010
In for gearbox issues apparently
nothing wrong with that interior :cool:


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those old Coupes are super cool, and expensive too .. especially if V8.
Amazing looking car.

Very plain wheels - possibly didn't want their shiny hubcaps to go missing whilst in for repair!
Registered in Naples which might also explain the lack of hubcaps
Wow. That's my local dealer. Tempted to get down there for a butchers.
My local dealer to, meant to be popping down there later so hopefully still there.
Not really into old Mercs but that one does the figures.

Has someone sat on the tristar?
Seems there's quite a few of us near Ashford - it's also my local dealer, and where I bought my S204.
sorry gents forgot to say i took the pics over a week ago ..its probably gone now
it certainly attracted some interest as several of the the workshop boys had gone into the yard to have a look
Very impressive
Thank you for the picture. What model is it exactly?
Lovely probably a member of one of the clubs as the Vrederstein Sprint Classic Tyres get rave reviews on most of the classic car forums.

Ive got them on my Pagoda.
Lovely green interior - a beautiful leather colour hardly seen nowadays. Contemporary taste is so limiting!
What a lovely car - perhaps those wheels are on for winter.
I wonder what version of Comand it's running? :D
What a lovely car - perhaps those wheels are on for winter.

i understood the car was over from Holland from a show/meeting maybe these are the wheels that go on for long trips and the posh ones are kept clean and tidy:dk:
I was waiting for my car so i was only able to listen in to some of the convo:D

its not everyday you see a nice car like this in Ashford

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