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Feb 26, 2004
Bourton on Dunsmore
Lexus RC300h F-Sport, Yamaha XVS 1100, Toyota C-HR GR sport
When I got my car, a w208, I found out that like many others the key would not work in the bootlock.
"One to do sometime" I thought, which being the nations greatest procrastinator, means never.
Well during the summer, nice day nothing to do, I ran some wd40 into the lock and wiggled the key.
No joy.
A week later I did the same.
Still no joy
No problem I thought, there's no rush.
So a week or so later I tried again. This time gently with a pair of pliers.
STILL no joy. I'm now firmly convinced that either the key is wrong or the lock is completely seized.
A couple of weeks later I decided that I wasn't going to be beaten, and spent an hour on it. It finally eased off and was working perfectly.

You may have seen from another thread that I let my battery go flat yesterday, and on recharging, the roof control module went wonky. There was no way that I could have got into the boot without a key. I was so grateful that I had persisted and got it working.

So if your boot doesn't open from the key, get it sorted.

Now! :)
Thanks...mine doesn't work...must try harder.

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