A tragic reminder, never, ever trust a car jack.

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A very sad and salutary story and I am truly sorry for those he left behind. But...maybe I'm being a bit heartless, but I think that the fact that he was a "total process safety engineer" should have made him think twice about crawling underneath a car supported only be a jack. A lesson for all of us - safety procedures aren't just for the workplace, they apply at home, too.
I do not know the exact circumstances leading up to this. But.....

I have known and witnessed the "oops, let me just retrieve my spanner" as opposed to actually working (per se) under the car.

The outcome is the same. If it comes down you do not want to be under it.

I read this today as we we were about to try and lift my 124 Wagon onto stands to remove all four corners.

Just lifting it onto stands took some thought and worry.

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The link in the first post, I would suggest.
The link in the first post, I would suggest.

The article in the OP.
Whoops! I'm using Tapatalk and then your post looked like the OP .

Agreed, what a horrible tragedy. That an experienced engineer and mechanic can make such a mistake is sobering indeed.

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The chaps (who was killed) wife has commented on the article (see below) in response to some posting on there, stating that you should always use stands etc.

Keira Hammond wrote:
For the record, Nick hadn't taken any wheels off or started work properly. He had ramps and always worked on them. We don't know what happened but I think he had just jacked it up and gone under for something. We don't know. There are a million 'what ifs'. We just know that Nick died doing something he loved so that is a comfort to us.
Complacency. - You see it in laboratories too; it tends to be the experienced people who've done this for years.

They know what they're doing is wrong, that they're not wearing the right PPE, or they've defeated the safety interlocks, but they've done it before and it has always worked-out.

Not this time.

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