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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ckember, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. ckember

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    Feb 9, 2005
    CLS 350 CDI Shooting Brake AMG Sport
    I would like to congratulate Hughes of Aylsebury for an excellent job when servicing my W203. This was my first trip to a stealer for a service. I had booked the car in as they said I could have a C220 CDI courtesy car whilst the service was done. However on arrival I was rtold the car I had been allocated had not been returned it was 7:55am, but the Service guy was straight on the phone to local hire company Enterprise, and a car was on its way. So Free coffee in hand I had a chance to wonder around the well stocked show room, cls350,A,E and C classes, and an E55 AMG all to have a sit in. 5 minutes after finishing my coffee the hire car arrived. A nice new Black ASTRA, OK I'm not into Vauxhalls but this little car was fun to drive, but the auto box was really poor. Anyway back to the stealers, I had asked if it was poissible to have the Navi display activated on the dash as I have fitted Command 2.0, this they have not only done but not charged me for either. Also the comprehensive report on the service was a welcome change to other company car services I have had in the passed.
    Great Job, I am, looking forward to taking my car back again in 13000 miles for the next service(A)
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    May 9, 2004
    W212 E250 Avantgarde
    I have recently installed COMMAND in my car too.

    Popped into my dealer today to see if they would activate the centre console for me - they did!!
    They also sorted out the auto closing of the windows for me too (the switches had "decoded" or something!!)

    Total cost £0.00

    (I'm not sure if they realised that the COMMAND install was post purchase as I didn't advertise the fact - but I also did not lie - just said " I have COMMAND in my car and the nav info doesn't show in the cluster - could you check the STAR settings please??")

    :bannana: :p

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