A12 Death Crash today

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Sep 1, 2004
What's an Ambulance Manager do.?
Supervises the medical emergency response at the scene and liaises with the other Emergency Services - basically ensures that the right medical skills are used and that there are sufficient paramedics/ambulances/DRs on the scene, that the right method is used to transport the patients and that they go to the right medical facility to get the best care.

At a critical incident such as a major traffic accident, there may only be one air ambulance, a particular A&E may not be suited to a high volume of patients, head injuries may need to go to a specialist facility, walking wounded may be treated on scene but need to be checked over later....

People trapped in vehicles need to be made stable, if there aren't enough crews, they need to work out where more will come from and how they will get to the scene, if the Police have arrested anyone who needs medical attention, they may need to be kept away from others, where there is potential for medics needing protection (from other traffic, from aggrieved victims etc) they need to request assistance from the Police.

Quite a lot really!


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