A124 cabrio headliner removal ???

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Nov 23, 2014
Mercedes 320ce
Morning guys,
I have a hole in my headliner ( 1993, 124 cabrio 320CE ) and I want to replace it myself if it's possible, is it easy process or in plain English is there any glue involved??!!
If there's no glue involved I'm happy to do it myself other wise I'd rather take it to a specialist.
Any help and advice would be appreciated
Thanks in advance
Rear window is problematic.
There's no sunroof in a cabriolet, Opti :) (Or it's all sunroof, if you prefer!)

I haven't read through the results, but you get a wide range of stuff if you google on "124 cabriolet headlining replacement". Maybe something in there?
Optimusprime (local to me) suggests:

Google: Mercedes Benz Model 124-M103 Maintenance Manual

Then look on page 70 ROOF then down to 77 308
Just pay someone to do it ffs,not that you're short of a bob or two :D

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