A160 1999 misfire problem

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Sep 12, 2008
A160 avantgarde 1999
hi got an A160 1999 just recently.got it very good price but has a misfire when warm and hesitates when accelerating,idling eratic not smoking at all but smells very much of the cat.put set of plugs in and no difference.had star test done and no faults found.lot of people say could of been coil pack or ecu/maf unit but i have now done a compression test and no.1 pot is reading approx 210lb psi no 2 the same no.3 the same but no.4 only 50lb psi and that took a bit to get up there.i take it i may have a valve problem on no.4 pot.can anyone let me know what parts i will need to rectify this and is it an engine out job and is it very involved.can i try a liquid decoke on this model by putting redex in air intake and running engine faster than idle speed till the smoke clears.only heard of this being done on mondeo zetec's with sticky valve problems and seemed to cure them most of the time, wonder if this may help with A160 or not.any help and advice very welcome thanks for looking.chipsraff :confused:
Engine out and head off to investigate. First get a leakage test done.
A160 misfire

thanx for advice will get leakage test done tomoz and update you
Hi, I had a 98 A160 for a while and it developed a missfire the same as yours.
Turned out to be the coil pack which is an all in one part which fits across all the spark plugs.
It is held on by two bolts and it turns out where the two bolts go through the pack the is embedded a metal washer in the coil pack plastic. Anyway these washers rust and expand and crach the pack causing the missfire.

it was a few years ago but a new coil pack was £80 from dealer and fitted in 20 mins.

I'd suggest taking the coil pack off and looking for cracks around the bolt holes.

This would not account for the lack of compression.

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