A200 or A200cdi (w169)


Jun 15, 2007
It looks like the baby merc will be the new 3k banger, other favourites were a Mitsubishi pinin or a Suzuki swift, any of them would need to be an automatic.

We got within a few minutes of an A200 at the weekend but it sold before we got there. The wife likes the look and the seating position and they just look and feel better built than the other choices.

That leads me to engine choices, 14 miles each way, some traffic - hence the auto and then a mixture of 30/50/70 zones, mainly 70 zone.

I'm not really a lover of diesel which is why I favour the 200 petrol but if the 200cdi would cope with the shorter trips and the 2005 model avoids a dpf and it was the better car then I would consider it.

What's the 2.0 petrol like ? Does it work well with the auto box and has it got enough power ? I assume it's a chain rather than belt engine.

herby thr cls

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Nov 30, 2014
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My mate has got 200 petrol auto on an 06 plate, he has had it for 3 years and all he has paid out for is new tyres and a service, auto box seems fine and drives very well.
My Daughter has the B class CDI auto which I believe is the same that is fitted to the Aclass and touch wood that has been great as well, power wise they are both pretty nippy, and yes they have timing chains. good luck


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Sep 20, 2014
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I bought my A200 Avantgarde SE CVT (C169 2006) in April and it's been great.

My commute is similar to what you've described, and I have no complaints about CVT (very smooth), nor power - it's a small car and 2035cc engine is quite sufficient, in my opinion.

We went to Cornwall last month - 5hr drive and I didn't even get a slightest back pain or discomfort. Considering mine is a sports suspension on 18" AMG wheels, that's pretty good.

Never had a diesel car, so can't comment on that :rolleyes:

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