A338 Alarm Fault code B225397)

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Jul 17, 2003

Very Intermittent Alarm. Icarsoft MBII shows overhead panel Fault code B225397 ‘Alarm Siren has malfunction System Function restricted’ Car is 2019 and main battery is new and charged. Any idea for this code?
We had this problem on my wifes CAB. Started early 19 when it was 4 months old. Turned out that it was a faulty interior sensor control panel and repalced under warranty. Also it knackered the battery by constantly dischrgint it so we got a new one of those aswell. Suspect you'll need the same control panel but sadly will not be under warranty. What you could do is to take appart the overhead panel and check the circuit board for water damage. I did this on my estate as my fault code reader send the overhead temp sensor wasn't working (and the climate would suddenly stop blowing cold). Saw water damage, cleaned with ISOPROPLY alc and worked perfectly since.
Thanks. Good to know, I have extended warranty so it should be covered.
Typo it is a A238

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