abs brake light on dash

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Aug 19, 2015
2002 cdi estate
Just replaced the dust shield on front drivers side, which meant taking brake caliper off and taking disc off. I have put it all back together and the ABS brake light came on.I did undo the 8mm caphead that holds the electric wires to the disc but i never unplugged an wires, i fixed it back onto the brakes whilst the brake caliper was off the disc. So i,m thinking i have caused the ABS to come on but unsure what i have done wrong. Any suggestions appreiciated.
Unless the ABS sensor is fully and correctly seated in the hub it will give an error. It's very easy to dislodge when working on the brakes or suspension.

Your description sounds more like you've been fiddling with the pad wear wires and may have suffered collateral damage. Which model of car do you have? In 2002 you could have a cdi C Class, an S Class and lots in between.
Did you hit anything with a hammer whilst doing the job? Ageing sensors can often be finished off by vibration from nearby hammer blows
As mentioned above, I would go over what you have done, then make sure everything is clean. Then maybe go for a drive, maybe it will turn off.
Is there a way to turn out/reset the light?
the car is 2007 e class and i did use a hammer to free up the disc for removal and locate a socket when removing the disc.
the car is 2007 e class 2.2 diesel and i did use a hammer to free up the disc for removal and locate a socket when removing the disc.
Like has already been said, recheck everything is in its proper place. The first picture shows the ABS sensor location (centre of the image). It's imperative it's correctly seated if it's going to sense the teeth of the reluctor ring, shown in the second image. The gap has to be just right.



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