ABS ECU, w124 radiator, bare Brabus block if wanted too

Discussion in 'Classifieds - General for Sale' started by Brabus3.6, Aug 25, 2007.

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    Apr 9, 2004
    1989 Brabus 3.6 Saloon
    I've got a couple of 300e bits on ebay at the moment. If anyone needs a ABS ECU for 80s-90s Mercs or an automatic with a/c radiator from a 300e 12V.
    I also have a total closure relay for early Mercedes cars. This takes an alarm trigger and uses it to close all windows and the sunroof using times earths. Also if anybody needs a right hand side ABS sensor for a w124.
    Perhaps most interesting for anybody wanting to take on a roject is my old Brabus block, bored out to 92mm. I decided to keep my KS pistons and so I've had a scrap block bored out to 92mm as part of my engine rebuild. Anyhow, my old bores were worn by 0.003" so a rebore out to 92.25mm, would clean them up again. I say 92.25mm because Brabus used 90mm, 92mm or 92.25mm as part of there 3.6L conversion along with a reground crank.
    If anyone needs any standard 300e bottom end parts, pistns etc., I have some lying around from my other block.

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