ABS & ESP defective

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Dec 26, 2016
sunny wigan
2003 W211 E270
evening all. i have the abs/esp defective message come up a last week. after doing a few searches everything seemed to point towards either brake switch or low voltage. have checked charging voltage and everything seems fine. have also changed brake light switch but am still getting the message.

any ideas what else it could be before i start replacing abs/speed sensors etc.

many thanks kris
A wheel of the wrong rolling radius.
This came up on my w211 today after a scan and clearing the codes this code came up again:

C1479 check component L6/3 (left rear speed sensor)

So question is do I just change the sensor and that will cure the problem or could it be something more.

New sensor around £60
I have currently got the same issue going on with my 06 plate S211. I had the ESP warning light then ABS, etc. Have had codes read which pointed to the OSR ABS sensor. Replaced this and error message continued to pop up on dash. Changed OSR speed sensor. Messages disappeared and then returned a day later.

I have read about the voltage regulator being a possible offender? Is this a serial offender for this type of dash warning light? Have also read that it could be the SBC Pump giving up the ghost? However, would this not show up when reading fault codes?

I would be interested to hear what your solution to your problem was? Did you get this sorted yet?
Hi, did you manage to solve? I have a similar problem. Changed o/s rear abs sensor, discs pads, brake light switch to no avail.

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