ABS Light and Rough Ide on W124

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Jun 2, 2013
Aberystwyth Wales
W124 e280 Estate
Currently the ABS light comes on once I start driving my w124 E280 estate (1996). There is also rough idle. The ABS sensor has been checked (but I'm not sure cleaned) and it seems fine. With very little knowledge but lots of searching on forums it would seem the fault could be the OVP relay. I changed the OVP fuse but this didn't solve the problem.
I have made a code reader. Would this diagnose the problem? I'm tempted to buy an OVP relay but I can't seem to find one with the identical part number 000 540 67 45. I have seen several on ebay advertised for a w124 but with a different part number. Would these work?
Much appreciate any guidance or help.

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