ABS/power steering.

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Mar 5, 2009
2005 W215 CL500.
Twice now, the ABS warning light has come on.

Once last night in very wet weather, and again this morning in very wet weather.

When I started out this morning the ABS light did not come on until a few minutes into my journey, and several very deep puddles and small floods.

At the same time the power steering gets noticeably heavier.
I thought it was just my imagination but after a brief stop when the ABS light did not come back on, the steering was back to normal.

The question is...is there a link of any kind between the ABS and the steering? I believe my car has parameter steering which is an additional electric assistance to the rack.
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On the wife’s B200 we had a similar fault, ABS light and heavy steering, it can be caused by ABS sensor failing, after I changed those the problem continued, in the end it was the magnetic ABS seal fitted to the front wheel bearing.
Since I posted I've been able to read the codes. It is likely the YAW sensor.

Thanks for your reply.
I get periodic yaw sensor failure errors too, on my 2005/W209. I clear the fault using a code reader and it goes away for another year or so. The ABS/BAS/ESP all continue to work fine. I suspect either a dry solder joint in the module, or the sensor is starting to drift with age. One of these days I'll get around to taking a closer look.


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