ABS sensor misreading w211 help!

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    May 22, 2011
    2004 Mercedes E270CDI Elegance Saloon, 2004 C200 Kompressor Estate Avantgarde SE Sport Pack
    Hey there just got round this week to replacing the following

    Upper and Lower Ball Joints
    Drop links
    Thrust arms

    Car is so much tighter now.

    However as I was pressing out the right front lower ball joint I tried to remove the Speed sensor, plenty of plus gas and a screwdriver only to break it. I removed the hub and drilled out the old sensor. Didn't go all the way as once it got to the magnetic core it all came out on the end of the drill bit. So fairly sure I haven't scored the tone ring surface.

    Replaced with a ECP brand Eicher sensor.

    Put the car back together and ABS ESP defective messages

    No other codes in SBC or ESP other than visually inspect speed sensor, I've had it out and cleaned the hole out but to no avail.

    On live data it seems to read 3-10kmh out and the evens out at speed. Interestingly if you clear the code and drive at speed the fault doesn't return until low speeds under 20mph

    Could it simply be a cheap sensor with incorrect resistance?

    Need this solved asap.

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