ABS Sensor

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Feb 29, 2008
Does any know the part no for an ABS sensor for a 98 CLK 320?

Also is the part the same for the N/S and O/S?
get them from Euro Car Parts. No need for a part number then.
not 100% sure what im looking for though :s

are they the same on both sides

(i take it the ABS sensor is the one that fixes the ABS and BAS lights?)
nope but i have change the brake pedal switch and that didnt fix
You need to see what is causing the light to come on. There is no point in throwing parts at it.

There are 4 wheel speed sensors too. get it plugged in to a Star machine and go from there.
how much will that cost, from what i read its either the ABS sensor or the Brake Pedal Switch
You would need to identify which one of the four sensors is faulty, if indeed it is a sensor fault. You could have faulty eductor rings (i think thats the name), ABS pump, or ECU fault.
Get the codes read as it will clarify this.
MB dealer want 20 minutes labour time to read the codes, but there are plenty of reliable Indys around that could do the job.
anyone recommend anywhere around swindon to do this?

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