Absolute Gem, 2004 (04) s211 e55k 7 Seater Estate, Stunning

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Apr 23, 2013
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My Absolute Gem of a s211 e55k 7 Seater Estate, Simply Stunning and Original

100% Honest description, No one likes buying cars with surprises i certainly didn't but its fun bringing these vehicles upto Scratch making them a collection of the BEST available at sensible money.

Interested? please Read on.

Pic Heavy please bare with it.

Ok People, due to the Sale of our House and enabling my Mum to Move with us since losing Dad 3yrs ago i have to sell my s211 e55k.

There is a Massive thread 38 pages and 750 comments see link below

Meet Silvia the s211 e55 7 seater

VIN: WDB2112762A500511

I used to Valet Cars for Vw, I've also came 3rd in the Concours de elegance Nationals a few years back with one of my cars, So the purchaser can be assured the vehicle is and will be presented tothe highest standards and Protected with Zymol Wax.

She is a 2004 (04) Factory 7 seater,

The only Mods that im aware of is the exhaust, X pipe centre Res delete, and secondary de-cat, she still has her factory Silencers making her very quiet at all time unless you open her up, i couldn't have a drummy car with the family on board.

Worts: to the body listed below:

Nsf corner of the wing has be touched in which doesn't show in the pic's but its there about the size of a 10 pence, Rear nsf corner of the bumper has a very light Scratch again not noticeable small chips touched in with correct Mb 744u Silver paint, Very Small Scratch to Osr door and small chip to Nsf Door Below the mirror. None of the above notice and you would see them unless i pointed them out which i have done various small stone chips to the front bumper again minor and consistent with the mileage of the car.

Worts Interior:

The centre arm rest has the usual minor bulge from use see pictures and the header has a had small nic above the Passenger seat again you wouldn't notice but its there and been repaired, the Rear tints if being picky would benefit from being done again, not that its noticeable until pointing out but would really make the car.

I've spent in excess of 7k since owning her bringing her upto scratch things like new engine bay rubber buffers, New engine bay plastics all detailed in the thread.

The car is extremely smooth and Powerful especially after all 8 Bosch coils plus and Ignition Leads have been replaced and all 4 Bosch Lambda sensor's to along with a New Air intake sensor as these degrade over time and use. Again just a precaution.

The Radiator and associated Pipes to the Rad have been replaced out of precaution due to the car being 804 Build (i do this with every 211 i own) along with a New Heater Valve, and New Water pump and drive belts again not required but advisable at 100k and 15 years of age imho.

The Fuel tank which is a must to inspect if you buy a early 211 along with Fuel filter, Twin pumps and charcoal canister have been replaced due to the Originals leaking vapour and a new Fuel Filler cap fitted..
She is now Spot on please read the above thread for details. 2k lighter and done at Mercedes Benz Chelmsford but worth it.

In the USA this is done under warranty :rolleyes: But in the Uk Mb didn't want to play.

The engine doesn't use any Oil or water between services, i do service the car myself every 3-4k and was the 1st thing i did the day after i bought her.

The Atf was change prior to myself buying her, The Autobox had a refresh the day after i bought her due abrut harsh gear changes when cold, 90% of 5g box vehicles do have this of some degree when cold but this was to aggressive for me so the internals were strip, cleaned along with 2 solenoids on the Valve body replaced. New fluid and Gearbox filter flushed and replaced along with a new Conductor plate and Socket being fitted as a precaution. Again see the thread all done at Mercedes Benz Waterhouse Chelmsford with bills etc to show.

Gearbox now changes lovely with only the slightest felt change the 1st 1,000 yds 2-3 like all the 5g's do. this i find is totally undetectable in S mode. but again worth mentioning to any prospective buyer.

The Rear Air Suspension again a know point to cause concern has been replaced just before i bought her with Arnott Airbags, along with a New compressor and updated relay.

Everything Works 100% and she drives fantastic, The Propshaft couplings have been replaced, along with Both engine mounts and Gearbox mount as these were past there best at a 100k.

Upper Suspension and lower forward arms including ball joints have been replaced to freshen up the front end not that it was bad but they drive so much better Like new infact, all these cars i've found benefit from this at 100k Steering is now a total joy and effortless as it should be.

The car is just as clean under the floor covers and wheel arch liners along with the Exhaust system! Yes i clean the exterior of that too, Also she as had Front and Rear brakes disc's and pads replaced and really doesn't want for anything simply buy and drive.

The above description is 100% honest, I'm a genuine chap and 100% straight down the line, It may seem alittle harsh but there nothing worse than buying a car where the seller has left the purchaser to find its faults.

I cannot praise the car enough, A joy to drive and be driven in, 29.9mpg and factory power is enough for most with close to concours looks, Zero Rust coupled with a Stunning interior and Superb exterior she just completed a 325 mile round trip across Norfolk on 1 tank of fuel, she didn't miss a beat and still had plenty in reserve "not that these cars are about that" but its good to know ;)

I'm sure she will retain her value for next owner, i just hope the next person treats her as well as i have. All the above and history is included in its original Book pack and detailed in the above thread see link.

She has FSH Mercedes Benz upto 78k and Mercedes Specialist and myself from then onwards with a Fully stamped book with bills to prove and detail along with 3 keys, The Front tyres are pirelli and the rears Michelin in the correct size and her Original Wheels.

I will up load a Youtube walk around video at the wkend showing all of the above. I can guarantee anyone who comes to have a look will NOT be disappointed. I've had 11 Mercs, 3x 211's 2 of which have been AMG's , i know these inside out and this will be your gain.

Its a Fantastic car and will continue to serve well for many years to come, im in no rush and its a reluctant sale, I told dad before he passed i'd look after mum and the sale will enable me to do that.

Any inspection welcome, and encouraged. Now if you are still Interested in her as ive been abit harsh lol its 100% genuine and driving example, please see the images below.

Priced at £13,250 ono with NO surprises.

No rush to sell infact i may change my mind if i can obtain extra funds elsewhere, she is still in light use on dry days so the current mileage of 108k may increase slightly.

The Private plate is not part of the sale and i will be retained, I've left it on at the moment so people can do there checks.:)











More to follow:D
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As promised abit of detail in detail!



Told you it was worth the read :)

Waterhouse Mercedes Chelsmford Contact details.

Used Mercedes-Benz Dealer & Servicing | Chelmsford & Braintree, Essex | Waterhouse Mercedes-Benz Ask for Andrew Gerrie "Service Manager" they can vouch for this stunning car.

My Contact details, for a pleasant chat: 07436 266857

Email [email protected]

Or pm on Here

Located in Harwich Essex

I cant stress enough i value my Presence on here along with my Honesty and this forum, You guys and girls are very much appreciated.
My Bad, Took the car out tonight, To my horror she has actually just turned 110k, on the flip side she will be getting a Oil change next wkend , sorry for the error.


And Yes Bad boys 3 at the Cinema was excellent ;)
Ok Guys an Girls, I apologise for the sound quality, and time its taken me to add the video I had problems with my i cloud storage and the weather lol o_O:D

Anyway here she is, Tbh i forgot what great shape she is in, Hopefully you will enjoy the short video. Just to add you could probably tell in my voice at the end how much i adore this car. :(

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People who know me know im a straight talker, This is the only Drop she is getting, If she doesn't get sold i will add it to my New mortgage which im happy todo its not a great deal extra. Thankyou for all the kind words and interest.

Doh, did the unthinkable today, A trip the Mercedes Benz world and back in the rain lol, So mileage as now jumped up Another 245 miles,

On the flip side 25mpg was obtained ;)

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