Absolutely shocking

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Oct 24, 2006
W203 C240 (2001)
Women spend three years getting ready to leave the house :eek:


... and it gets worse:

Men will spend a mind-numbing three months of their lives waiting for their wives and girlfriends to choose a handbag or try on that last pair of shoes just one more time.
Mine spent most of her time waiting for me........ I was always at work.....which is why she's now the Ex Mrs Mudster....:cool:
I actually take longer than the wife to get ready:crazy: all the women I know reckon I should have been born a woman:crazy: :crazy:
A modern man must moisturise darling:eek:

Reading what I just posted I'm not sure I should have told you lot that:eek:
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Marcos; is your first name imelda:p

Fess up; how many pairs of shoes have you got!:D
No 'women bashing' intended girls, I actually spent the whole weekend (2 day detail) 'moisturising' the car which didn't go down to well with the wife who likes her sunday outings!
Though I would love something warm and soft that smells nice, is it worth it in the end :confused::confused:

Even though I am not in the first or even the second flush of youth, the answer has to be a definite yes.
Love makes the world go round.............
Even though I have lived a bachelor life for the last 7 years, and been able to do exactly whatever I want, I would willingly trade that in the flash of an eye for the permanent company of the right lady.
I am not exactly "looking", but then again I think all single people have at least half an eye open all the time for a potential partner.
7 YEARS AND STILL LOOKING......perhaps I am too picky...

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