Acceleretor adjustment

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Oct 5, 2008
1996 merd c180
:crazy: I have to press the accelerater down about an inch before there is any response.Its a 1996 C180 manual with acceerator cable.How do I adjust it.
it adjusts at the engine side i think you need to remove a cover then turn the knob on the cable
Accelerator adjustment

which way do i turn the knob
If its anything like a 124 then the adjustment is from the pedal. There is a knurled ring on the cable which you turn.
Undo the under tray under the dash and lower. Look at the pedal and you will see where the cable goes though the bulk head. On that bit of cable is an adjuster. Usually a cream coloured knurled ring. Turn it clockwise to tighten and anticlockwise to slacken. There should be 1mm of slack at spring on the other end of the cable where it goes though the actuator.
There's one at either end on my w124, one on the pedal and another on the throttle linkage.
with my hand controlls i have to pull it 2" before any power, so i get about 80% power then hand controlls hit the steering wheel!

very annoying

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