Access to rear panel of 2012 c-coupe.

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Nov 27, 2011
Rochdale, UK
C250 Coupe AMG Sport Edition 125
Does anyone have any instructions / ideas how to access the rear panel (just below the rear passenger window, about 5-6 inches behind the drivers door and where the speaker for the rear passenger is) of the 2012 c-coupe for paintless dent removal.

Basically, a guy is coming to sort out a dent just behind the drivers door where some fool in a 4x4 (assume this because of the height of the dent) has opened his door into my car and left a lovely crease to prove it! Now I'm pretty sure the PDR guy will have done thousands of repairs before, but as the 2012 c-coupe is such a new model I'm not so sure he'll have accessed that particular area of the car before so any help I can give him might help in getting him access to the back of the panel that needs the work.

Many thanks
Unless the panel is double skinned you could probably access it by removal of the internal trim? However many simply drill a couple of access holes in the door aperture B pillar to insert their tools and then blank em off. If the crease is not too deep and the paint isn't broken I would seriously consider leaving well alone. Remember in warranty terms Mercedes wont like any non original paint- they have instruments that can subsequently detect it no matter how good the match.

p.s. thinking about this a bit more I would seriously think about consulting your supplying MB dealer about this before proceeding. At the very least they should be able to recommend someone with a proven track record they use themselves use to "fettle" their stock-- unless this guy comes with impeccable references--- if you got his name from the phonebook ---- be very careful
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Many thanks for the advice grober. It was the internal trim I was on about removing although my poor explanation probably didn't help. The paint isn't broken at all and the crease (although only a few cm long and not deep enough that you can even feel it when running your fingers across the panel) is very annoying as it catches the light / reflection of our garage and I can't but help look at it every time I walk away from the car.

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