Acoustic properties of car horns....?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by W4E300, Apr 29, 2014.

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    I'm out in Berlin at the Acoustical Engineering Society conference and one of the 'discussion topics' seems rather minority interest.....

    I'd have thought 'loud' would have done it......!

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    I'm sure it is a valid topic : the warning not only has to be clearly audible , and convey some sense of from which direction the warning comes ( hence requiring a mix of frequencies across the audio spectrum ) .

    There are nicities such as producing a pleasing sound and different nationalities may even have their own characteristic sounds ( the Italians with their air horns ; the Germans with their 'blare' horns for example ) .

    It is sad to note that most modern cars tend to be fitted with insipid little 'pipsqueak' horns that are barely audible at speed ; hence I tend to retrofit my 1950's Bosch blare horns as salvaged from Pontons and Fintails I have broken - these come in complimentary high and low tone pairs and can be adjusted for tone and intensity .

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