Active Body Control 2013 SL63


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Aug 12, 2017
i have got an R231 2013 SL63 with 40,000km

When i bought the SL there is the ABC malfunction warning but it comes on and off.

In the center display screen showing the ABC and G force, during driving i can see the ABC indicator beside the wheel will have the red column showing ABC is active by going up and down

I was ask by the Dealer that the ABC pump and ECU need tobe replaced in which i did.

After all the expensive repairs, the ABC screen in the center console whereby the ABC indicator is not moving even during driving.

But when i engaged the vehicle lift, the ABC indicator shows the car is lifting as the red column indictor will move.

Went back to the dealer and told me that this is normal that the ABC indicator will not move during driving.

Can someome give some advice is this normal?

Maybe can email me some video of the screen during driving as i cant find in youtube so i can argue with the dealer.

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