Active Lane Keeping Assistant problem


Feb 19, 2016
Ipswich, Suffolk
W639 Viano Ambiente XLWB 3.0 v6; S204 AMG C63 Estate; A209 CLK 280 AMG Conv
Got an issue with the Active Lane Keeping Assistant on my 2013 s204 C63. Everything seems fine, system comes on line OK but as soon as the vehicle 'drifts' over a line i.e. activating the warning vibration and/or braking/steering correction, the system fails and a warning comes up on screen saying system inoperative (see image).

Originally took this to local MB dealership who diagnosed faulty vibration unit in Steering Wheel which was duly replaced. But the problem has not gone away.

Its back with the dealership but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem and if so what the diagnosis was. Any help would be much appreciated!

FYI all other active systems, cameras, sensors are working fine.


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