Adaptive Main Beam assist INOPERATIVE! 3 weeks left on warranty!

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Mar 4, 2017
Dublin, Ireland
2013 E250 CDI
Hey everyone!, This is my first post, delighted to be here.
Have trwled the threads the last 2 weeks about this error but said i would ask the question see if anyone could advise. I have a 2010 W212 E200 CDI Avantgarde with the Active BiXenon lights. About a month ago the drivers side xenon went pink, and then eventually failed , but then,about a week later, while driving at night the error "adaptive main-beam assist inoperative" comes up on the display. i thought it might be connected to the failed bulb but what i am reading in the manual and threads here is that they are not connected, and this is usually a failure in the camera module in the mirror (windscreen is spotless too). My car is due into a mercedes dealer in 2 days for a B1 service, and i have my "star select" warranty for another 3 weeks, I have flagged this with the dealer to investigate during the service but im worried they may fob me off connecting it with the bulb failure, Is there any way it could be connected?, or when this comes up is it definitavly a camera issue?

Thanks in advance!
The dealers get paid (by Mercedes Benz or by the insurer) to repair failures so I doubt you'll get fobbed off. The labour rate is less than the "retail labour rate" but its not costing them money to fix warranty items

It can't be connected to bulb failure.


PS, its normally cheaper to extend a warranty whilst a car is under warranty than to take out a warranty on an car without one.
PS, its normally cheaper to extend a warranty whilst a car is under warranty than to take out a warranty on an car without one.

Thanks richard!
I dont think i have an option to extend, Its 7 years old now, bought it as a "star select" car 11 months ago, I might ask them

I tell you one thing! i got a fright at the cost of a new bulb! 173!!
i have aske them to replace both as i want the colour temp matching, Im assuming they will be replacing with the fabled new OSRAM 5K bulbs mercedes started using a month after my car was built!i might just ask to make sure!
I have the same message, been waiting 4 weeks for the part. I was told it's a part in the camera that's failed and it's a two hour job to sort
Absolutely DISGUSTED with Mercedes, Dropped the car in for the service this morning and that had not listed the adaptive high beam error as something to investigate, after I called in advance and sent a photo of the error. When I said it at the service check in desk the guy said "well you do have a failed bulb, that is causing that" , he was NOT interested in what I had to say.
Yea sounds familiar. Dropped my car off for them to investigate why my coolant temp hovers under and over 80 and only goes up to around 90 when I am booting it, they said it is normal, after keepig it for the whole day. Also added a couple of deep scratches on my bonnet which were not there prior to the booking in but good luck proving that.
Just to close this thread off, The reason Mercedes pretty much ignored my request was that the knew the dead xenon burner was causing the Error on the adaptive headlight assist, Since replacing the bulb the error is gone and the system is working normally

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