Adding auto charging phone holders to my CLK

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Sep 29, 2023
Malvern UK
CLK 500
Thought some of you might be interested.
I wanted to add 2 wireless charging phone holders to my CLK and there was nowhere obvious. I didn't want to block the vents and I didn't want to get rid of the current audio system or make it unusable.
I also didn't want to do anything that couldn't be reversed.
So first step was buy a spare switch panel that fits above the radio. I couldn't find one exactly the same but the only button missing on the one I found was parktronic disable - which I never do - and parktronic works without the button. That panel was less than £20 delivered so no problem safely storing the original and cutting up this new one!
Mounting the phone holders to the blank buttons wasn't going to work, they were too wobbly. So I made a couple of alloy plates and mounted to them.
Power is routed up from the aux plug in the ashtray below, I was unable to find an ignition switched fuse in the fuse box to the right of the driver as was my original plan.
Power charges the phones then they bluetooth to a bluetooth module pluged in to the aux socket in the glovebox. This allows audio streaming and nav instructions from the phone.
All works great.


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