Adding Seats and More - 2018 Vito


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Sep 3, 2019
Hi All,

I've got a lovely 119 Sport panel van (barn doors and 2 side sliders) but it's getting used less and less for "on the tools" work so I'm thinking of adapting it to use it as a day van with the kids / dog.

I'm looking for a "how to guide" to see if I can do this myself, I'm pretty handy so I'm assuming with the right guidance I can convert it. I'm aware of getting everything checked by a garage / notifying DVLA / updating insurance etc.

If possible, the first stage would be -

Remove existing steel bulkhead and install a new one further back (can I re-use the existing bulkhead further back or not?)

Install additional seating behind the drivers / front passenger. Not sure if I'm better off with 2 single seats or go for a bench? We currently have the two separate seats in the front. There's 4 of us plus a dog but i suppose it would be good to be able to have an extra seat to give people lifts. Are there fixings available under the plywood subfloor by default or have I got to fit new rails (with support steels under the chassis)? Can I just pick up some second hand vito seats from ebay and fit these (they're likely to be from the previous version of the vito as they seem more abundant)

Cutting out the for some sliding windows - seems fairly straight forward or is this best done by a pro?

Covering the floor / sliding doors - can I just use ply / carpet on the walls, then a prefabricated carpet / mat on the floor? Can I buy door linings or cards instead to give the sliding doors a better finish?

Finally I'd like to install a tow hitch on the back for a bike rack - is the van likely to have a trailer coupling by default at the rear, or is it a bumper off job to fit a proper towbar? Also is the wiring connection likely to be sat there or will I need to take the van into an auto electrician?

Thanks for any help, sorry for all the questions!!

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