Advice and tips when purchasing MB Star Diagnostic tool?

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Feb 13, 2017
Mercedes Benz CLC 2008
Thank you for reading my post,

Are there reputable places to buy an MB Star? I have seen a lot of non-genuine ones in ebay, but I have read review that they tend to go wrong after awhile. How much should I be looking to pay for a new or used genuine one, and are there particular things I should look into before buying i.e. database version, update etc?

tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.
New genuine is around £8k + possible annual costs IIRC (Alfie can confirm)

Used genuine - lucky if you can find one!

Clones are the only viable option for home mechanic. It can be a bit of pot luck but mine has lasted the 3+ years since I bought it
Hi bob6600

I knew it was expensive but I didn't imagine it to be that expensive =O.

Are there any alternative diagnostic tool that can offer the same level of capability as an MB Star? I am currently looking at Autel Maxidas DS708 in particular, I am wondering if any enthusiast here are using something similar?

Thanks so much for your time.
Nothing offers the same level although the carsoft is rated highly here. Snap On and Launch are also good but they will be expensive.

Is it for personal use? After a few diag sessions, STAR will pay for itself (clone that is)

AliExpress is the place to buy from, they have buyer protection a bit like eBay, check the reviews of the seller first

Cannot post links here for these types of products
Please do not discuss knock-off versions on here BTW :)

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