Advice for removing CLS 219 front bumper for parking sensors repair?

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Dec 11, 2008
Gateshead, Tyne and Wear
Hi helpful people. I've searched but not found anything previously discussed. I understand that the front bumper has to come off to replace the duff parking sensor (found with icarsoft). I've found some instructions on Pelican Parts site but I wondered if anyone here has done it and whether they have any tips? Looks straight forward to remove but I am concerned if going back together it is more tricky! 2 man job? Cheers! 👍
The tricky part is the odd contraption to bind the Wing to the bumper, you have to get the clip in place and then turn the 'wheel'/dial thing to bring them together.

Its located under the wheel arches - both front wheels will have to be removed at some point.
And the said clip arrangement is full of crud and stuff. Give it a good clean and some lube when refitting.
Is it the same set up as the W211, which is a bracket that slides on and grips the wing and bumper together?
Ah cool.

Then Phil will need to remove the torx screw before attempting to move the bracket. Once the torx screw is out, push a flat head screwdriver inside the bracket and push the screwdriver handle towards the engine, it will open up the bracket… opening about 4-5 CM is fine. Finally, grab the bracket and push towards the headlight, that should release the bracket.

I just replaced my AC condenser so the front bumper removal is fresh in my mind.

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