Advice needed please 2006 220CDI

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May 20, 2018
Spalding Lincs
2006 C220 Estate
I wonder if anyone can offer and ideas.
drove my car on a 50 mile journey. It then refused to turn over to start. I did this about a year ago. Fuse OK, I removed the cover from the starter relay and moved the points and it started. From then it started with the key As it should.

last night when I came near my car the lights were flashing in time with the hazards. I don’t think my door had been shut completely so closed it and started it and all ok locked it and left.

So I came to come home today and dead flat battery.
had to unlock the car with the key. So jumped it and it’s running but EPS, ABS, engine management light on. After moving it the ABS and EPS cleared. But the Stop lights are on all the time, Engine orange light still on. I drove it home but when I stop the engine either the cooling fan or air con fan starts and don’t stop.,

ii removed the battery lead just until tom.
I have a basic tester so hope the engine light is just low voltage to something but what about the stop lamps and Fan?
any ideas please.
Bit of an update.
cleared all faults. Most were low voltage but still have Stop lamps on all the time. ESP keeps coming on and engine light back on. My Incar soft tester says it can’t communicate with the engine.
I notice the ESP and brake lights seem to connect at the ESP ABS module.
any ideas please
You need to read codes with a more comprehensive tester

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