Advice on a BMW X5 please


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Jun 1, 2002
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Sorry got to disagree with you, had both too, X5 I only had for 3 weeks mind where as the 535d I had for 12 months and 25k miles, the X5 feels roomier inside, but the E61 touring has more usable space, the boot can take a lot more. In fact the usable space on the X5 was the only thing I found disapointing.

And the mpg is around 10% better round town and 20% better sat at 90mph, not worth worrying about I agree, but still slightly better, and the 535d is a much more fun car.
Cool , i loved both cars :) :rock:


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Mar 15, 2007
When I nad my BM, there were quite a few owners on the BMW forum who had their 535d's remapped (DMS) this made them pretty quick !!

I can understand you point that the 535d offers more performance / mpg than the X5 but that's not why you always choose a car.

I looked at X5's, Lexus, Disco, ML etc when looking for my current car. My dad has a E320cdi Estate and yes its nice, its quicker than mine but I prefered mine.

Its all down to personal taste and circumstances. Thats why there is so much choice.

Next time round I may choose a more normal estate, but the sitting high up in the ml, the load space and the whay it tows the caravan for us now is great.


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Mar 12, 2005
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..the sitting high up in the ml,
Surely it's the sitting high up which is the main reason the vast majority of people buy these cars? It just makes driving so effortless.


Mar 1, 2008
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If you think an X5 is the best out of those you seriously need to change your drugs! Q7, Range Rover and Cayenne are leagues in front of the X5
I know the weather in Scotland has been bad as I was in Erskine on Wednesday but think the cold must be affecting your judement?:)

I agree with Pint6x just say NO, X5 = complete bag 'o' S***e
Depends what you use them for. I found ther Q7 too large, and a bit like a reverse tardis, big on the outside and not very big inside. I didn't like the way it drove.

The RR was comfy and roomy, but too wollowy for my liking, but I can see why some may rate it above the X5 for its luxury and off road prowess.

The Cayenne was good to drive, maybe better than the X5 but I found the X5 more "fun" and a better every day package with nicer interior fitments and I never had any trouble from mine. I did kinda off road mine, and took it down a nasty pathway that would see a normal car grounded, I was going along at 55mph in the X5 - but thats as far as it off road crudentials can go, driving in fields and farm paths. Its no Landie.

As for the weather, its effing cold still but I am a hardy chap thats used to it :D

Wrong - buy a proper car without all that 4 wheel drive junk, associated extra weight and extra fuel consumption

Why do people buy 4x4s, then try and rectify all the handling issues associated with a large truck with a high centre of gravity - i.e. put bling alloys on it, thus ensuring that any advantage from having 4 wheel drive is negated by having sports tyres which are just going to spin when towing little Jocasta's pony to the gymkhana across the muddy field - doesn't make sense.

Four wheel drive makes sense for professional rally drivers, farmers, people crossing the sahara and people living high up a mountain where snow is always there. For the rest of society it's really just a pointless add-on.

Rather than an X5, try a 5 series touring or an A6 estate - available as Quattro for those who insist on the 4 wheel drive. Both much more manageable and more economical. Or if you don't mind having to replace the transmission and you can deal with the rust, try an E class W211 estate :rolleyes:
I did, and I wouldn't buy an SUV again, but for those that would I would recommend the X5 with an I6 petrol with a manual gearbox.


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Nov 8, 2007
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..that is a lot of car for the money - is that a facelifted one? and how can you tell if it is facelifted with the newer version of I-Drive?

I saw a facelifted 7 series last week and thought it looked nice
There were revisions to back and front end. I drive gained a 'Menu' button - or so I was told by the dealer, who was not always correct!


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Mar 3, 2008
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An ML everytime.

No BMW's..... this country has more of them than Germany and 99% of the drivers think they either own the road or are Nigel Mansell! :mad:

Not bad looking cars with modern technology.....still doesn't change my opinion.

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