Advice on a couple of CLKs please

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Sep 13, 2023

I‘m a former Merc owner, had a 2014 C250 CDI but got rid of it a couple of years ago because the timing chain had stretched apparently. Since then, been running around in a Reno, which today has developed a nice electrical fault that causes the car to just cut out without any warning. No idea what it is, but thinking of getting rid.

I loved my Merc but the timing chain issue on the OM651 (is that right?) puts me off.

I’ve come across both these CLKs which seem low mileage and within my budget.

I like them both, but would prefer the diesel. Am I right in thinking that it would be the 651’s predecessor in the one above? If so, any major issues I should look out for? Also like the 3.5 petrol, but heard that it also has some big issues within certain engine numbers?

Please can I bow to everyone’s greater knowledge here and ask your thoughts on each? Anything to look out for? Do you think they look okay?

Sorry if i’ve posted in the wrong area. Admin, feel free to move the thread.

First post but long time reader. I’m a Merc fan and eager to get another, within budget.

Many thanks in advance.
I think that diesel is pretty bombproof engine wise .
Yes the 280/350 petrol around that 2006 (+or- 1 ?) had problems with the crankshaft I believe , there is a list of numbers somewhere on the net for the affected engines .
Check that the car had a gearbox oil change at about 40k miles
Some of these cars now are suffering rear subframe rust issues (from the inside out) , might be worth getting an inspection .
As you see the petrol is big tax compared to the diesel
Bear in mind that diesels are not London Ulez friendly at the moment .
We run a 08 diesel CLC200 CDi which has covered 180k miles with no issues, the engine and gearbox has been very reliable, actually no issues!

I would go to see as many as you can, condition is everything at that age/price.

The chassis code is W209, looking on youtube should bring you to some car buying videos for any of the common problems.
I ran a 2005 CLK 220CDi from new for 13 years and up to 150,000 miles before I changed it. No real issues with engine or gearbox, bulletproof. Only repairs were thermostat and one glow plug and relay.
Front ball joints needed replaced a few times, a couple of broken springs, intercooler hose, and brake discs and pads were common faults.
Expensive replacements were around the 10 year mark, corroded brake pipes and exhaust system.
Biggest fault with mine was the paintwork rusted all over despite being galvanised after only 4 years. If the one your looking at looks sound, just check it's not been resprayed recently to cover up any problem.
That engine (2.1 diesel) is om646, very bombproof. Sounds like a tractor but will go forever. Mrs has one in her W203 C220 CDI an I have the 270 CDI engine in my CLK. I'd go for the diesel probably. Cheap to run, bombproof, pillarless coupe (looks way better than these in convertible in my mind) and it's got the AMG kit which is a bonus! Just needs xenons swapping in and its perfect. I've done a fair few jobs over the years on the 220 CDI so any info needed just shoot me a message. I've also done few videos on main jobs on these:
If you're doing miles, the diesel
If you need ULEZ, then the V6
The vert roof will need a little maintenance, but will be more fun in the summer.
Both look great

I had the diesel in a c class coupe.
It was great and actually fast enough. I didn't remap it, but it can be

I had a 280 convertible and loved it, - it was outside the problem period on engine numbers but the road tax and the desire for more power meant I moved on to an E350 coupe.

Two quite different cars, those.
I like the soft top but it’s strong money for one of these. I bought a 350 last year and I love it, not sure if the engine is in the affected group but it’s still got less than 50k on it and pulls like a train. If it looks and drives nice, go for it - a lot of car for the money.
The diesel one must be one of the last om646 supplied and is bullet proof as others have said.
The petrol one has the high VED as it was registered after March 2006.
If I were looking in this price range then I would buy neither of these and instead I would buy merc85's stunning CLK500 advertised in the classifieds on this forum. The 500 m113 is also bombproof and has the lower VED.

this one
That is a very nice car.
Edit - just seen how much it’s up for on e bay, if I didn’t have one, I’d snap his hand off for that.

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