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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by W210, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. W210

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    Apr 12, 2011
    Mercedes C180 W202
    Hi guys

    I'm looking for a W210 E220 CDI. I definitely don't want a 300TD or a 320 CDI, and don't want a W202, W203 or W211 either. I've heard only the cars with the Tiptronic boxes are 143bhp and that the ones with the older auto box are 125bhp? Is that true?

    (according to Parkers, it is, but you guys might know better?
    Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon (95-02) - Facts & Figures - Parkers)

    Anyway, the main question I had is whether or not it would be a good idea to get one with around 170,000 - 180,000 miles on it?

    There are loads for sale, I'm not too fussed about exterior colour, I just want a light colour on the inside (basically not black), and I don't mind cloth/leather. What I've found is that you can get them with 120,000 to 150,000 miles for around £2000, and you can get them with 170,000 to 200,000 for around £1500.

    Is the £500 saving (which could potentially be spent on a gearbox and suspension service) worth the extra 30-40 thousand miles? How much do these 220 CDI engines usually do before giving all sorts of problems?

    I've noticed they can have a lot of rusting problems... is there a specific year I should look for to minimise the rusting? Or should I just inspect the car upon seeing it?

    Also, are there any checks I should definitely do before I buy?

    Thanks guys!
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  2. StevenN

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    Sep 12, 2010
    E220 CDI 2002 W210 Auto
    Rust is a problem on all I believe. Some early examples are better but they might not meet your spec. High miles shouldn't be a problem if things have been changed. Mine has done 161000 & I have done 8000 of those. I have needed so far 2 injectors and a inlet manifold also a new gear lever. So if you pick a car that has had bits changed rather than run into the ground you should be ok. If I had the money I have spent again I would buy a newer car

  3. whizzkid11

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    Feb 2, 2006
    Over Here!
    I was looking for a 220 CDi and there are not many out there which will be rust or problem free. I looked at about 7 different ones, and to be quite frank you will not pick up one in your budget which is genuine.

    I was looking for a stop gap for about 3/4 months, however the one I bought and some of the issues I had, has prompted me to get a newer car sooner.

    I ended up getting a W210 E320CDi, I bought it at a reasonable price for the car, however due to some of the issues I had I have spent and exceeded my max budget for rectifying any issues. Therefore instead of me spending more only needs about £3/400 more spedning on it, I am pretty much decided that I will be selling it as I have found another car I like, and will therefore be making quite a large loss.

    I'll put it down to experience and a bargain for whoever buys it.

    You need to remember that the W210's had rust issues and therefore you will either pick up one which has already been fixed or expect to fix it yourself. There is no such thing as a W210 that has/will not rust. The last W210's were out on the 02 plates, and they too suffer from the rust.

    CDIs wise, I have learnt so much in the last two and half weeks about them - they have common issues such as Injector seals failing/leaking, High Diesel pump O-rings leaking, etc.

    Reanult21s, and BlackC55 have a wealth of knowledge and experience with the W210. I would recommend Olly (BlackC55) for any mechanical work.

    Additionally, although I was looking for a E220cdi - the E320CDi is a much better option, the fuel/mpg difference is only 3-4mpg, however, the in terms of performance etc the E320 is a far better car. The 3.2 engine is suitably powered for the heavy body, I can be sat on the motorway doing 80mph with the engine comfortably below 3000 rpm.

    The higher the mileage car you get, the less resale and more likelihood of any issues arising.

    If you are anywhere near Watford/N London you are welcome to have a look at my one.

    I would say go out and try a few different ones.

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