Advice planning central heating system/re-wire and general renovation

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Aug 11, 2009
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If my offer gets accepted I may undertake a very large house renovation.

I'd like to know where I could get advice on planning a central heating system and the re-wiring. Are there any good magazines, books or websites?

In theory you can't do this nowadays without the appropriate certification. You can probably do the bulk of the install [ running/installing radiators, pipes cables etc ] but the "commissioning" will require an appropriate professional especially if gas is involved.
My friend Mick is a top notch heating installer and boiler expert based in Edgware.

He can give you all the info you need.

P.M me if you want to know more.
Sorry, it may have been unclear in my original post. I wont be doing the heating system or the re-wiring.

I just want information so that I can plan it. So that when I have a chat with an electrician/heating engineer I don't go to the conversation without any background knowledge.

I've had a look at the Build and Renovate Magazine but the information sees a bit light.

Depending on your location and building site / planning environment you may wish to incorporate solar heating and/or a ground source heat pump in your design.a quick trawl thro Amazon came up with this Domestic Central Heating Wiring Systems and Controls: Trina Ward: 9780750664363: Books AVAILABLE THROUGH YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY???? Other possibility is to go down to your local technical college that offers central heating qualifications/courses and ask what standard texts they use or recommend?
You should appoint an architect for a project of the scale that you are contemplating and he/she should have sufficient ''general'' knowledge to ''set the scene'' before getting into detail with trades people.
We do what you are contemplating for a living.

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