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Feb 5, 2018
Hi every one I'm new here so Hi, I'm looking to hear your thoughts on the below. I will try and keep it as short as possible.

I first took delivery of a brand new AMG GTS in 2017 for it to break down a few days after delivery, the car went into limp mode on the motorway, I managed to get it off the motorway before it came to a full stop without no power at all, I called recovery and Mercedes left me at the side of the road for 6 hours before recovery arrived because they couldn't organise the correct lorry for the vehicle and because they gave the recovery company the wrong location.

The car went into the supplying dealer for investigation, MB UK was not interested, there was no customer service at all, if I could relay the telephone calls its cringing to listen too, I then spoke to AMG and they were also no use they both kept saying there is nothing they would do and they would not offer any support when it comes to rejection. The supplying dealer agreed to have the car back after around 2 months and they gave me a full refund. I decided to have another one and that was built and all was ok for the first 2 weeks.

On the second GTS it rattled like a 10 year old car. I booked the car in for repair and so far it has had the mouse changed, the clocks have had to be adjusted, the steering wheel needed to be changed due to a fault, the boot area of the car is rattling, the seat was rattling the list goes on. With regards to the boot they have said they can't rectify the rattle so I have said I want the car rejecting again the car went into the dealer network in November 2017 and I have not seen it since. MB UK are again washing there hands of it and basicly told me to sort it out my self. MB finance are now involved and they want an independant inspection on the car before any decision is made, my argument is 2 dealers have confirmed they can't fix the rattle so why is an independent inspection needed. To me they seem to be doing what they can to try and get out of having the car back

In the mean time I have been given 2 GTRs one had to be recovered due to all the electrics failing and the car not being able to be turned off the ignition, I now have a second GTR that also rattles, the seat was loose, the rear window moves and so on, I just think its an issue with this model.

Im just in shock with the poor level of service both from the dealer and MB UK.

I would just like your thoughts on the above and where you think I should go after this. I will be seeking legal advice at some point but at this stage I will just follow the processes. I have various images of there flagship vehicles on the back of trucks surely images like these could damage the brand.

in the past I have owned R8s and Mclarens and never experianced issues like this.

The reason I went to the GTS range because of how beutiful they look, there is nothing like them on the road they are stunning and they are let down by the faults and build quality. So sad.
Wow, what an absolutely awful set of experiences with what would be the exact opposite which I'm sure you expected, as I would. I've been on this forum a year and have not heard of such serial failure from a new Mercedes model. And I'm shocked that Mercedes have treated you so badly, a new customer and one with deeper pockets than most. If it was me, I'd get out asap, with as much of my money back as possible and not look back. There are plenty of great cars out there.

Did you purchase your car over the phone (or internet)? If you did you have extra protections, with the UK's DSR (distance selling regulations). The main one is that you can take delivery and have the legal right to hand it back for a refund within 14 days, for example if the product fails or you simply have changed your mind.

Either way, I'd quickly escalate through both Mercedes (here, Germany HQ) and non-Mercedes (trading standards, media, etc) until I got a satisfactory result. If your lawyer is prepared to deal with it, on your behalf, even better.

I almost bought a new GT myself last year, but the harsh ride convinced me otherwise, as I was looking for a proper Grand Tourer that would take the missus and me around Europe in comfort for as many weeks as desired, with space for luggage and stocking up with wine etc as we went along. I ended up getting an S Class instead, which ticked almost every box and offered better value for the money. It's been very reliable over it's first 13k miles, touch wood.

Best of luck.

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I can fully understand your annoyance. MBUK always push any and all problems back to the dealer; when I had an issue (which is nothing which compares to yours) they were utterly hopeless. I do wonder why they exist!

In your position, I would go to the best lawyer you can find (probably a London firm) and ask for advice. They'll probably give you an hour for free and they'll give you your options. Personally I use Commercial Solicitors, Business, Charity, Social Enterprise | Bates Wells Braithwaite, London and they are good, and I've never "lost", but jeez they charge like raging bulls.

Good luck!
Sounds awful and it would hack me off no end.

Unless they build rattles in then I cannot see Mercedes have a leg to stand on.

I’m always nervous and excited when I collect a new car as rattles are unbearable to me, my current car E350 has been totally silent from new so regardless of what you pay for a Mercedes that’s the least you can expect.

Good luck,

Well I have been having rattling issues of my own and my car has been in 4 times to be rectified. Unfortunately, MBUK and MBFS don't actually do anything except send you round in circles and it's largely down to the dealer you purchased from and what your relationship with them is like.
I was told that no car is totally rattle free and that it's essentially to be expected, yet no other car I've owned has rattled - including other MBs.

I personally have looked down the legal path but am trying to avoid it simply because I don't have the legal power that MB do. As it's less than 6 months old, the Motor Ombudsman told me that I have a right to a partial refund, as should you if less than 6 months old, but having MB agree to that is a whole different matter. From what I've seen, they can reject a rejection.
I would vote with my feet or use a good dealer if you can find one (they do exist but are a minority)... sounds like the dealership in question are incompetent.

I couldn't put up with that level of service regardless of what you are spending.
Just a quick update on this one. The supplying dealer Mercedes Northampton have basically said they are not willing to do anything due to the amount of money they will loose as a dealer if they have the car back as MB UK will not support them, a report was done on the car and it is lie after lie, they are saying the car is rattling in line with manufacture guidance and to do with how the car is set up and the parts that was replaced wasn't faulty but was changed as a matter of caution even though the AMG tech guy from Wolverhampton confirmed they should not be rattling so should be changed, anyway lesson learned that I will probably never buy another car from this brand again, I feel sorry for the people have purchased the below yellow GTS or the silver GTR, they are both full of problems. Mercedes Northampton supplied me with the GTR where the seat wasn't even bolted down, an S Class where the wiper was hitting the b post the list of events goes on but yet they think its acceptable to give cars like this out.

This was the first GTS where it broke down at the side of the road and where they left me for 6 hours. Northampton had this car for around 3 months before they decided they would take the car back costing them thousends in S Class rentals . The sad thing about this was I had people driving past shouting your car is shit and I should have brought an R8, the irony of it was I had just sold one to get this.

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They first gave me a C Class AMG S and it was a fantastic car, not one rattle or nothing and ran perfect, I would say this is a better built car than any GT model.

This is the first GTR they gave me that also broke down where I couldn't turn the car off, the Merc tech guy had to take the fuse out of the fuel area so the fuel couldn't get through, Mercedes Northampton response was I’m sorry, I managed to get the car put in a locked compound after some good Samaritan asked me if I wanted to wait at their business until recovery came, 4 hours later they finally collected it. They also left me stranded there with no onward travel.

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I then was given an S Class and the window wiper was going off the window.

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Then the last GTR came so I was driving back and I could feel the seat wasn't right so I stopped at the services to have a look and this is what I found.

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How Mercedes UK and Northampton think this is acceptable is beyond me, I had a meeting with the dealer principle a few days ago and I got the feeling he could not be bothered of how he has made a customer feel as long has he wasn't taking the hit on taking the car back. It’s so sad that a car that looks like this has so many faults and no one from MB UK gives a toss.

At the end of all this process all I can say is how disappointed I am with how I have been treated and the lack of service they offer. They simply don't care.
In a word....appalling. I’m shocked and saddened that any business would treat a customer like this.
Not surprised at all sadly. They generally chase the dollar, not the customer.

A long time ago now, but my SL55 was rotten from new. 40 odd dealer visits totally destroyed the ownership experience. And as you say, given the monies involved, the dealer is often helpless to rescue you without direct MBUK assistance.

In my case I called and called the UK MBUK helpline until I was eventually put through to a woman whose job it was (her words) to interface the UK board with the general public -
or something like that . I think in practice she was there to deal with persistent customers who refused to be fobbed off by the usual tactics. Iirc all correspondence between me and MBUK then came on letterheads from the directors’ office, or similar.

Anyway. They eventually and reluctantly agreed to a huge discount on a new car. Which coupled to a discount from the dealer, amounted to something like a 35% off a new 55. A lot of money considering my fully optioned SL was over £100k.

No idea what the score is these days but am assuming if you persevere for long enough, as I did, you will make headway.

For what it’s worth I wouldn’t spend my own money on any big Merc these days. Too much to go wrong and even if it’s under warranty, should you really be needing it on a car that costs that much? Let alone the ignominy of standing by the roadside on several occasions, as I did, watching your £100k car being transported for the umpteenth time.

Good luck.
Shocking, but then again, typical MBUK treatment. I’ve been lucky with full refunds on cars which were not up to scratch, but this has been done at dealer level. Both times they have taken the car back winging about how much they would lose. The cars were straight back on their forecourt at a higher price.
It is indeed appalling, and I can sadly recognise the MB Northampton customer care standards.
I always assumed that, the level of attention was proportionate to the car, and with my little 06-reg A200, well ... ;) I didn't expect much, but they still manage to disappoint.

I now moved my new service care contract to Milton Keynes ...
I can not believe what i have just blood is boiling and its not my car. Thank god im not in your shoes or my emotional side would have been making a few regrettable choices!!! Unfortunately the only route to a reasonable resolution is the legal route. I would speak to a high st firm and a city of london firm in order to get a idea of costs and the route they would take to get a reasonable solution. Sometimes they go down the same avenue with a significance in costs.
get out with as little damage as possible and then pay visit to those nice people in Woking....fabulous cars.
Just an update on this one, it is now August and the argument is still ongoing. I have had 2 independent reports at my cost so far done on the car and both have come back unsatisfactory quality however Mercedes Northampton are still unwilling to help on the basis they cant do anything because the brand wont support them on a buy back meaning they would be too much out of pocket if they did it them selves, but its ok for me to have a car that is full of faults just so you has a dealer dont loose out. Mercedes Finance have said they are not willing to do anything and have now closed the case for the second time. At some point the car will be parked outside there dealership stickered up warning other customers of there poor service and shody cars. The matter continues and I will go all the way with this. The faults to date are as follows.

1: Rattle to the rear from new
2: Keyless entry issues
3: Rattles from the dash
4: Mouse was changed due to a rattle
5: Steering wheel changed due to a fault
6: Exhaust is on order because of a fault
7: Front sensor issue where it keeps coming on
8: No screen on the infotainment system and other infotainment faults
9: Drivers seat fault
10: door handle keeps sticking
11: engine coolent level fault

The list goes on.

I will take this all the way at the moment its with the Ombudsman after that I will have my companys legal team on it.
Turning into a right debacle.

I think direct action (car outside) will be the only way to resolve the issue given how unhelpful they seem to be.

I'd be surprised if MB would want their flagship model presented outside a main dealership with not very favourable comments on it!

You could involved the press and soshall meeja too.
It’s very disappointing that Mercedes are not doing the right thing here and offering to put this right with you.

Mercedes customer service is very disappointing, they make the right noises but seem not to do the right thing when it comes doe
Wn to it.

My friend has a Lexus RX and their customer service is superb even though thecar is out of warranty.

I guess if you persevere then you should get a result but you should not be jumping through so many hoops.

Good luck Mark.


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